The solution for growing businesses

Rapid deployment
SAP Business One is easy to use, and is characterized by an intuitive navigation in a Microsoft Windows environment, and multiple configuration tools.
It is an easy solution to implement and maintain, with high performance and scalability (with the growth of your business), robust security systems and ability to easily evolve to more complex and sophisticated solutions.

Simple and Powerful
Using market standards, SAP Business One easily integrates with other systems.
Its functionality "Drag & Relate" allows users to drag system information from multiple sources and relate it with a single click, supporting the realization of a wide and complex range of reports and business activities.
Tight integration capability opens up new dimensions to other management systems. There are also significant gains due to a curve of shorter experience, since the user need not learn how to use new tools to work with business tasks and analyzes.

Above all, SAP Business One is a powerful solution. Its sophisticated analysis tools give managers total control of information and the company's activities.