More than 35 years of history

To know our history, is to know what we did and therefore ... believe in what we are able to do. We present below, briefly, the 6 key moments of our journey.


Origins and MBO

InCentea, still named Leirisic, was born in 1987, integrated in an industrial group in Leiria.

At the end of the year 2000, through an MBO (Management Buy-Out) operation, a group of employees acquired control of the company and began to define a growth strategy based on a partnership policy.

Growing through Partnerships

In addition to the endogenous growth that the company has been achieving, strategically a path has been defined to increase this growth, through partnerships with cross-capital participation.

Two lines of action were defined:

- Geographic expansion: looking for companies in places where we did not have a direct presence;

- Complementarity of solutions: namely in the areas of web solutions, communications and management consulting.

This process started in 2004, when the integration of Datamex gave rise to inCentea, and has continued until today, having carried out more than 40 acquisition or exchange operations.


In 2007 we started the internationalization project. With the participation of some competitors and business partners, we created a Portuguese company that would unify the common internationalization efforts. We subsequently created companies in Cape Verde, Angola, Mozambique and São Tomé and Príncipe and acquired a company in Spain.


In 2011, in a new cycle of our strategy, we understand Innovation as a new “attitude”, of being, thinking and acting… of motivating ourselves for the “future” and of relating to our partners and the surrounding community !


In 2018 we started a new phase of consolidation of our organization, with the objective of focusing on the main business and centered on the autonomy, segmentation and specialization of the business units.

We disposed of stakes in non-priority businesses and merged several Group companies in order to simplify the structure.

The consolidation of our business presupposed a return to internationalization and that is how we moved to Brazil, and in 2021, to France and Guinea-Bissau.

More than 35 years of history