Complementary solutions

Electronic transactions

inCentea has partnered with YET, in the field of Electronic Transactions, offering its customers a range of solutions and services that enable a quick implementation of an electronic invoicing service. This service automates the sending of invoices, in addition to the creation, management and file these documents are digital.


Attendance and Access Controls

Security and control are two key concepts in modern companies. To do this, there are now in the market, modern solutions to ensure you have control of your business.
Based on data acquisition and systems, the solutions inCentea offers are divided into four major areas:

  1. Attendance;
  2. Activities;
  3. Security / access controls;
  4. Complementary products.


Maintenance Management Solution

With 20 years of experience, inCentea has extensive knowledge and competence in the area of maintenance management. Software that allows to support any organization in a better operation of all its assets through the automation of tasks and cost reduction

- Management of locations, equipment and maintenance teams

- Corrective and preventive maintenance

- Management of maintenance requests and work orders

- Autonomous stock management

- Integration with ERPs

- Analysis and statistics