05 January 2015

From inside the box came out inCentea Marketing and Innovation

inCentea Marketing and Innovation is born of creation of a new business area with the necessary skills to operate in a new market, where the company already operates and actively intervenes.
 inCentea MI is the result of merging the agencies Contraponto Advertising and Sente Design, companies of the inCentea Group, and its own know-how acquired over these 27 years. Covering marketing and innovation, this new company lies prepared to respond to market stimuli and present solutions to the challenges it presents.

This is the principle of innovation - adapting to a market increasingly demanding and constantly changing. This is the advantage that distinguishes inCentea MI, and it is this feature for integrated action (360 ° vision) that drives the company to create quick and appropriate responses to the new challenges presented by customers and the markets in which they live.

• Marketing: inCentea MI creates, transforms and advises brands. Defines strategies and plans adjusted to reality and the goals of each, based on an 360 action, able to value and strengthen brands, leading them to conquer the place where they want to be.
• Innovation: The company invests in technology-oriented innovation (technology platforms that streamline and guide innovation processes), targeted workshops for process and culture of innovation, and innovation management (strategies, processes and funding for innovation).

For António Poças, Chairman of the Board of Directors of inCentea, inCentea MI is "a bet on the complementarity of the solutions we offer, is our ambition to provide more services to our customers and to confirm the quality of work done internally in areas such as innovation; we aim always to be one group in the IT area, the solutions offered by us incorporate as much technology."