02 March 2015

inCentea Changed the Future in Convention 2015

With more guests, more employees and a promise: Changing the Future in 2015

More than 300 people, including employees, shareholders, customers and partners, filled the Teatro José Lúcio da Silva, on the 27th of February to participate in the Convention inCentea 2015. Under the motto "Changing the Future", inCentea showed the will for more dynamism in its operations.

The first intervention, by Pedro Pereira, administrator inCentea, showed some of the recent Group's past as well as a review of what was in 2014, on which stand the numbers: 15 million euros of consolidated turnover and 36% of turnover in the international market.

Then Rachel Rita, Director of Human Resources of inCentea Group, showed what will be the immediate future of inCentea, based on the three strategic pillars of the Group: Global with Proximity, Value Generation with Sustainability and People with Identity, focusing on the bet on technology of the future solutions such as virtualization, Cloud and Software as a Service.

Then it was time for personal and professional sharing. It counted on international presences, such as Thibaut Mathieu, Solution Sales Manager EMEA of Stratasys, partner in 3D printing, and Iago Campo, Manager of Ardinova, company of inCentea Group in Spain. This time was also marked by the sharing of Susana Marrazes, Business Unit Systems and Communications of inCentea and Brisas do Lis Night Run, project cherished by inCentea and which comprises several employees.

After it was shown that a "Company with legs to air" may have quite successfully, by the voice of external guest, Professor Jorge Sequeira, who told us about leadership and communication and made singing in a single voice the entire audience of the Convention inCentea 2015.

The end was marked by the now traditional Awards inCentea where are rewarded employees who stood out in 2014 as well as customers, partners and the entity that benefited from "inCentivar" Fund.

The final message was conveyed by António Poças, Chairman of the Board of Directors of inCentea, who recalled what it was the year 2014 and perspetivou what will be in 2015, with the promise that happiness should be the basis of the work of each.