Systems and Communications

With the network infrastructure and the increasingly complex and interdisciplinary systems, the challenges that arise in the management of information systems require more technical skills and global vision.

inCentea is looking so be attentive to developments and trends in technology, so, understanding customer needs, provide the solution most suited to each specific situation. Accordingly, we provide a set of skills which we highlight:

Implementation and management of Computer Networks and projects:

  • Structured wiring, integrating fiber optic backbone and wireless solutions;
  • Voice over IP, including telephone-computer integration (CTI);
  • WAN communications, particular VPNs;
  • Security solutions such as antivirus, antispam, antispyware and firewalls;
  • Network management, remote monitoring and management.

Installation, configuration, training and technical assistance in equipment and applications Base Platform - Systems:

  • Server and storage solutions and enterprise backup, including high availability solutions;
  • Terminal equipment, such as workstations, PDAs, printers, etc .;
  • Operating systems from Microsoft and Unix families;
  • Database management systems, including: Informix and Microsoft SQL Server;
  • Groupware applications and personal productivity supported in Microsoft Office system (Office and BackOffice).

Consulting and Project Management:

  • Consulting in Information and Communication Technologies;
  • Requirements gathering, design and dimensioning systems;
  • Coordinating the implementation of projects.

Outsourcing services in all the aforementioned areas.